Saltwater studios is a platform for individuals and their families to explore yoga, mindfulness and creativity.

Our mission is to encourage personal growth and lifelong learning, serving as a continual resource.  We hope to support our community in their journey to leading a healthier more balanced life.



Our Journey to You

As a mother, yogi, athlete, artist, teacher, and student, striving to live a simple and down to earth life, I have a dream to create an environment many have longed for, but never found. A visionary, I decided to create it myself (with an amazing support team of course) and Saltwater Studios was born. 

I believe it takes a village to raise and foster children, to support parents, and to create a better future. We are all in this together. That is the backbone of Saltwater Studios; a place where the whole family can come to relax and unwind through yoga, dance with joy, and imagine and create their dreams, all the while growing as a whole person in a reflective, self aware way. Saltwater Studios is a place where members of the community can bond, get sound advice and connect.

Our goal is to offer a wide range of yoga, movement and art classes, as well as workshops on mindful and natural living and programs for our keiki. From classes and workshops to natural and local products and merchandise, we hope we can assist you on your journey to leading a healthy, balanced and mindful lifestyle.