“There is no single effort more radical in its potential for saving the world than a transformation of the way we raise our children.”- Marianne Williamson

Join us during pregnancy to begin the bond with your new addition, at a baby and mom class for special one-on-one time, or as a whole family for fun at one of our family yoga classes.





Stretch, play and move as a family!
Ever thought about doing yoga with your kids? Your partner? Or maybe as a way to connect to your newborn or for fun with your toddler? In addition to family meals and bedtime routines, more and more families are adding family yoga to their routine, recognizing all the amazing benefits for the littlest to the biggest. The rewards of a family practice last a lifetime. On top of the documented benefits of improved concentration, muscle tone, flexibility, and better school performance,  stronger bonds are created among family members. 




A special time to bond with your baby and reconnect to your body. 
This class is for moms and babies ages 6 weeks-12 months. It’s a great way to be a part of an understanding community of other new moms! During these classes, you are more than welcome to bring into the studio extra blankets, stuffies, and your stroller. Caregivers and daddies are always welcome as well. 




For the movers and shakers... mom and tot yoga is the most fun you can have with your wiggly little ones!
Get your little one up and stretching with 1 hour of fun and playful yoga postures designed to make mom feel awesome while keeping your curious tot engaged! Don't worry about leaving your kids at home, this class caters to the young ones who are up and moving around. For children ages 1-3 (or babies able to crawl).




Mother & Daughter Yoga and Parent + Child Acro Yoga are a couple of the wonderful specialty family classes we offer.  

These hour-long specialty classes give parents the opportunity to find their zen right next to their child. Participating in yoga as a family can bring out wonderful moments of connection, stability and understanding between parent and child. We especially love the moments at the end of class during Savasana when we see kiddos cuddling up beside their parent, or reaching out to hold hands with their loved one. Come and connect with your kids as you try something new together!

Check our upcoming events or schedule for classes coming soon.




“The greatest expression of love is holding and carrying your baby.  For centuries, humans have carried their children much of the day—until the invention of the stroller and the portable car seat.  It is the most natural thing to carry a baby close to your body.  A child needs physical contact and must be held for proper physical and mental development.  In today’s society, we must do everything we can to help our children be well adjusted.  A baby sling or carrying cloth  is the most natural way to facilitate these needs.  In addition, parents who carry their children create a special bond between them and the child that will last forever.  We have used slings extensively and I recommend them to every mother and father.” -Eckhard Rolz PhD.Idaho



babywearing 101


Learn to wrap and wear your little, trying different brands and styles from our lending library. Join us as we share the benefits of babywearing, as well as education on the different types of wraps and carriers, and demonstrations on different methods. There is also a lending library.

We also offer private sessions. Please contact us to schedule a time for you and your little.  

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