How early should I arrive before class?
Please arrive 5 minutes before class to allow time for you or your child to change clothes if necessary, place your mat in the studio and settle in. Please arrive 10 minutes early to you or your child’s first class, as we have a consent form for you to fill out.  

Do you have yoga mats at the studio or should I bring one?
Please feel free to bring your own yoga mat if you or your child has one. We also have lots of mats for use at the studio. 

What should my child wear to yoga?
Kids should dress in comfortable, athletic clothes. Stretchy or loose pants or shorts and a t-shirt or tank top is perfect. Please try to avoid dresses, but if she insists, have them put on shorts beneath. 

What happens if i’m late picking up my child from class?
We understand that life happens, and we are happy to wait with your child for 10 minutes. For every 10 minutes thereafter, a $5 charge will be applied. 

Am I permitted to stay and observe my childs class?
We encourage parents to take some time for themselves during the kid’s yoga classes while we take care of your little! We find that kids usually respond better to our classes when they are flying solo, as it gives them that real freedom to get creative and try new things!

How many people are classes able to accommodate? 
For our keiki classes ages 3-6, as well as our Special Needs class,  we can accommodate 10 keiki. There are 2 instructors for these classes. 
For our keiki classes ages 6-13, we can accommodate 10 keiki. 
Our adult classes can comfortably accommodate 10 yogis as well, so make sure and reserve your spot! 
For our SUP (stand up paddleboard) yoga classes we max out at 5, in order to give necessary attention to each water yogi. (subject to change once location is secured)

What do your classes cost? 
Click here for pricing.