“Yoga is about clearing away whatever is in us that prevents our living in the most full and whole way.” Cybele Tomlinson

All levels vinyasa flow



A 75 minute class designed for all levels, from experienced to first time.
Vinyasa is a form of Hatha yoga, connecting poses through sun salutations. Experience an uplifting class that will help you stretch, tone and unwind. It will be very fun and I promise you will like it. Sun salutations, standing poses, balance, backbends, forward folds, arm balances, inversions and savasana, we will be sure to cover it all!

Yoga for Paddlers and Surfers



A 60 minute class designed for the waterman/ woman.  
The perfect cross-training for your sport, increase your flexibility, strengthen your core and open up your shoulders with a powerful, 1 hour yoga class that will leave you feeling stronger and more prepared physically and mentally for your next race!

sup yoga



Go with the flow on water!
Combining the benefits of both yoga and stand up paddling, come enjoy our waters and experience yoga in a completely different, fun way in the most relaxing environment!

prenatal yoga



Stretch and nourish your body in a relaxing class for the expectant momma.
Being with child is an incredibly special time and we want to help you feel strong, calm, and fully cared for during this class. Our instructors are certified Prenatal Yoga Instructors and have experience with working with all stages of pregnancy. This class is designed to give mom's-to-be an hour of relaxing and empowering movement, while fostering a deep connection with your child. 

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